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Ineke's Fashions Ltd was established in Australia in 2006 and have since relocated to New Zealand.
Ineke's wedding and formal dresses are recognised as affordable and elegant. Ineke's Fashions Ltd has a reputation for quality of both design and manufacture of wedding & formal dresses. Feedback from customers from Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, The Netherlands, Russia and the United Kingdom do attest to this.

Ineke's Fashions Ltd philosophy is to give each bride the unique wedding dress of her dreams at a price she can afford. Ineke is passionate about not only her designs but also about her customers.

Ineke's Fashions Ltd manufactures every wedding and formal dress in their studio resulting in quality and affordability. Ineke's Fashions Ltd gowns and dresses are realistically priced. Most custom designed wedding dresses cost $900 to $1100 on average while we also sell a range of standard sized dresses for much less. Formal gowns are sharply priced between $100 and $500.

As Ineke's Fashions Ltd manufactures our own designs this gives us incredible freedom that you can take advantage of. Brides can not only select from a range of fabrics, but also from a large range of colours and shades. Every wedding dress or formal gown can also be decorated with; laces, beading, embroidery etc depending on your wishes.

At Ineke's Fashions Ltd you can choose many different options for your dress:

  • Standard size dresses that are in stock in our factory.
  • Dresses that are tailor made to your size. If you choose this option we will send you a measurement form for you to complete after we receive your order.
  • Custom designed dresses by Ineke Verhagen to your specific needs. Please send your requirements to Ineke Verhagen or phone us on: +64 22 3616921 to make an appointment to discuss your needs.
  • Dresses that may not be available on this site, but you can send us a picture of your design and we will send you a quote. Please email Ineke Verhagen and attach a clear photo of your dress.

You do not need to spend 1000's of dollars to get the dress of your dreams.

Ineke's Fashions Label

That is why our fashion label "Ineke™" is the label with a "heart".

Ineke has fast developed a reputation and a heart for designing affordable, stylish, elegant bridal dresses for her customers. Ineke values the input of her customers and invests considerable time with each to ensure that your wedding or formal dress is not only as expected but also suitable for your wedding or formal theme. This often results in designing not only the wedding dress, but also bridesmaid's dresses and outfits for the mother of the bride or other wedding party members.

Many of Ineke's designs reflect recent trends towards a more relaxed wedding theme such as at a beach or in a garden setting. Ineke's collection also includes many traditional silhouettes such as bal-gown and mermaid style. If you want to celebrate your marriage in style, Ineke has the right dress for you.

Enjoy your Ineke's Fashions Ltd experience!